UPSSO – A bird's eye view

UPSSO is an enterprise IT security product to prevent illegal access to all IT resources such as Servers, Applications and User Systems(End Points). It makes sure only the right users can access the IT resources by proving SSO(Single Sign-On), MFA(Multi-factor Authentication) and (IDP)Identity Provider.

Device And VPN Security

UPSSO provides SSO/MFA for devices such as VPNs, Routers, Firewalls & Linux servers. It achieves this by supporting RADIUS protocol and custom credential providers. Some of the well-known devices we can integrate with UPSSO are CISCO ASA VPN, CHECKPOINT VPN, PALO ALTO VPN, OPEN VPN, REDHAT LINUX, and UBUNTU LINUX

Application Security

UPSSO provides authentication services for most enterprise applications such as CyberArk, Salesforce, G Suite, Offïce 365, ServiceNow, AWS Cognito Federation, etc. UPSSO supports all the popular authentication protocols such as OAuth 2.0, OpenID, and SAML also provides extensive API support for custom application integrations.

Windows Endpoint Security

UPSSO has an easily deployable Windows Multi-factor Authentication solution. It makes the user onboarding experience very smooth and provides offline/online authentication methods.

Identity Server

UPSSO comes with an Identity Provider server that includes user management, role management, multi-factor authentication management, and policy configuration management functionalities. UPSSO integrates very well with the Active Directory server too

Compliance And Auditing

The product has all the required compliance and auditing functionalities such as SIEM integration, Audit Trail, and Activity Reporting.

Rest API

The product has extensive REST API support to automate operations or integrate with various external systems.


UPSSO can be deployed as an on-premises or cloud application. If required it can enable secure communication between your on-premises Active Directory and cloud UPSSO application.



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